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Q&A: FIFA YouTubers on World Cup mode and FIFA 19

BetStars News caught up with some of the best FIFA YouTubers in the world, AJ3, MattHDGamer, CapgunTom, Oakelfish and Finch to get their thoughts on the FIFA World Cup mode, what features they'd like to see added to the new game coming out later this year and some advice for EA Sports on engaging with their community.

Q: What do you think of the new FIFA World Cup mode?

AJ3: I think it's really, really exciting. They've got a load of new licences. It will set a baseline that hopefully the Champions League and Europa League formats will follow suit. It should be really good for the game.

Q: What would you like to see brought into the new FIFA 19?

CapgunTom: Trade offers back. It's a little bit stale at the moment playing FIFA, there's nothing fun and interactive you can do with your friends. You can play with them on the game, but other than that you can't really do much. Gaming is all about talking to your friends.

Q: Is Ultimate Team the main reason people buy FIFA nowadays?

MattHDGamer: 100%.

CapgunTom: I'm not sure that's completely true. People that I speak to who don't watch my videos are still playing kick-off with their friends. There is still very much a big audience for the older FIFA players that love kick-off with their mates.

Q: Has FUT ruined career mode as well?

MattHDGamer: I think they need to make it online. They've spent a lot of time and resource on FUT that they've sort of neglected career mode, but putting it online would make a difference.

CapgunTom: I agree that the biggest problem with career mode is that it's offline.

Q: What new icons do you want to see on the new game?

Finch: Zidane

CapgunTom: Zidane, as well

MattHDGamer: Gerrard, just being biased.

Q: If you could have one new feature added to FUT, what would it be?

Finch: Your own card to build up and have yourselves in the new game.

Q: Who will have a higher rating in the new game, Ronaldo or Messi?

Oakelfish: Ronaldo

CapgunTom: Ronaldo, but ultimately whoever is the cover star will be higher. They should just put them the same to stop all the arguments about who's better on the game.

Finch: Ronaldo

MattHDGamer: Especially if he's the cover star, Ronaldo

Q: Who will be the cover star for the new game?

ALL: Ronaldo

Q: Could e-Sports be as big as the real thing?

AJ3: It can't because it's based off the real game. It can definitely get up there. The prize pools are incredible. They're getting up there with DOTA and League of Legends, it's amazing. The amount of people that watch it, especially in China, where millions of people are watching it. It's only in it's infancy, so it will only continue to rise. The production value is soaring.

Q: Favourite player to play with?

AJ3: The obvious answer is Ronaldo. But Mo Salah is my favourite. He's actually ridiculous and has had so many special cards.

Q: What rating would you give Salah on the new game?

Finch: 90

MattHDGamer: 89 for me

CapgunTom: I'd agree with that, it's tough. 89 or 90. Just a little bit below Neymar.

Oakelfish: Yeh, same for me

AJ3: He's 88 in the World Cup mode. I wouldn't give him any higher actually. I think what they need to do is bring the rest of the cards down. I'd give him an 86, but that's based off other cards being too high.

What lessons could FIFA, EA Sports and the FA learn about engagement with fans?

CapgunTom: The most important thing is to listen to their community more. Fortnite has just come out recently. A post goes up on Reddit, the Fortnite developers see it and the changes are made within the game couple of weeks. We tell EA what's wrong with the game constantly and they get inundated with requests, but our requests are ignored and we get no feedback.

Finch: They don't really pay attention to us. They need to pay more attention to their community.

MattHDGamer: I think just keeping us updated and in the loop a lot more with what changes they're making.

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Stuart Walker
@BetStars in Football