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Week 14: Panthers picked for victory over Vikings

Team PokerStars pro and NFL expert Chris Moneymaker is back with his three selections for Week 14 in the NFL.

He has picked out two underdogs and a £10 treble on his recommended bets will return around £105 if they are all successful.

Vikings @ Panthers

The Vikings have lost their starting quarter-back and running back but they are still crushing it. The Panthers need some big wins. They are 8-4 but only have two notable wins. They have less margin of error than the Vikings and should get it done at home.

Moneymaker's call: Panthers to win

Eagles @ Rams

Philadelphia struggled in Seattle and are on the west coast for the second week running. The Rams are good but there are a lot of distractions in LA this week with the fires there and the players are only human.

Moneymaker's call: Rams to win

Ravens @ Steelers

The Ravens have to win out from here to make the play-offs but have a decent run of games. Will Pitt be distracted? It's New England for them next week which could decide who gets the bye. The Steelers need to keep their eye on the ball.

Moneymaker's call: Ravens to win

Andrew McDermott
@a_mcdermott in NFL