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Setting a preferred currency

The Preferred Currency is your default currency for transfers and T-Money trading in your Stars Account.

On the right side of the Cashier (or under Balances on mobile), your Preferred Currency is shown first on the list. Here you can also see your Grand Total (always displayed in your Preferred Currency).

Whenever you receive money, but do not have a matching currency account (for example, if you win money in a EUR freeroll, and do not have a EUR account), the funds will be automatically converted to your Preferred Currency.

Your preferred currency will be used if, for some reason, you are unable to specify a currency when one is required (for example, if you are disconnected).

You may change your Preferred Currency at any time through these menus in the Cashier:

  • Computer: More > Manage Currencies > Preferred Currency 
  • Mobile: Manage Currencies > Preferred Currency 

You can also set up your account so that funds are automatically converted to your preferred currency upon entering or leaving any games: 

  • Computer: Settings >   Global > Multi Currency
  • Mobile: Settings & Tools > Auto-Convert Currencies

The Preferred Currency cannot be deleted. If you wish to delete your Preferred Currency, you should choose a new Preferred Currency first. The USD currency bankroll can never be deleted.


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