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UK verification process for Android users

As part of recent changes to UK licensing requirements for gambling operators, we are now required to verify your account information before providing access to our site for real money gambling. This new requirement comes into effect on May 7.

Due to temporary technical issues, we are advising our Android users to follow the instructions below to begin their account verification process:

  1. Log into your Stars Account via our website at
  2. Complete the customer details form as requested. You will be notified on screen if you have passed the electronic verification check.
  3. If we are unable to verify your details electronically, you will be presented with instructions on how to verify your Stars Account.

Don't worry! As soon as your account verification is complete, you will be able to continue using our services through the existing Android app.

Your custom is extremely important to us, and we sincerely apologize for this small and temporary inconvenience.


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