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Requesting a break or a self-exclusion period in .UK

We give our customers the option to take a break from playing for a specific period of time. To apply this to your account, follow the instructions depending on how you are accessing our services.

  • Desktop:
    1. Tools
    2. Responsible Gaming
    3. Exclude Me From Playing
  • Website:
    1. Account
    2. Responsible Gaming
    3. Exclude Me From Playing
  • Mobile App:
    • Go to 'Menu' (for Android) or 'More' (for iOS)
    • Settings & Tools
    • Responsible Gaming
    • Exclude me from playing

This will allow you to voluntarily request a break or an exclusion on your Stars Account from all play on our site. You may choose a ‘cooling off’ of 12 or 24 hours, a ‘Time-out’ of 7 and 30 days or a ‘Self Exclusion’ for 180 days and 1 to 5 years.

During the break period, you will be permitted to log in to your account, but will not be permitted to play any games or perform any transactions, except withdrawals. You will also be automatically unregistered from any tournament that begins during the period.

Additionally, once you request and confirm a break period, we cannot reverse the decision and you must wait until the period expires, in order to be able to play again.



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