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Virus concerns about our software (Windows)

As far as we are aware, our software is virus and adware free. However, despite the safety measures we put in place we cannot guarantee that this is the case and therefore our End-User License Agreement reflects the theoretical possibility that viruses or adware could infect our software. Such wording is standard in software licenses all over the world.

We continually run virus and adware checks on our software and servers to minimize the potential of viruses or adware infecting our software. We also advise players to practice safe Internet use, so if you ever see web links in chat or email please do not click those links as you could inadvertently download harmful software to your computer. Regular virus and adware checks using good quality anti-virus software are also recommended. If you do not have anti-virus software we recommend using the following free online scans:

If you are running your own virus software please ensure that you have downloaded the latest updates and virus definitions as thousands of viruses are released every year.

Regarding adware, we recommend you ensure your system is clean using the following quality spyware tools:

Both of the above are free and work well in conjunction with each other, finding things the others do not. We would also recommend performing a registry scan and make sure that is clean. You can find a very good free program on the following link.

Disclaimer: We provide links to third-party websites and products as a courtesy to our players and The Stars Group neither endorses nor assumes responsibility for the use of these products or websites, which are independent of The Stars Group. Please be aware that any information or products mentioned should be used or referenced at your own risk and discretion.


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